No Fire Premature ejaculation

Question : I AM a healthy 29-year-old man but I have problems controlling my ejaculation. It seems to occur before the intercourse.

Answer : THE problem you are experiencing is termed premature ejaculation. It is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration. Premature ejaculation is common and probably affects every man at some point of his life.

There is no clear cause. However, it is often caused by psychological factors such as fear, guilt, anxiety and over-stimulation. Practice and relaxation may help you deal with this problem. Perhaps you can distract yourself by thinking non-sexual thoughts to delay ejaculation. For some men, reducing or stopping the use of alcohol and tobacco may help. Traditional remedies may also be helpful.

Herbs such as horny goat weed, ginkgo, ginseng, puncture vine, muira puama, withania and damiana can be used to improve health and functioning of the sexual organs. Withania, for instance, has been used for debility and nervous exhaustion. All these herbs are beneficial if you are experiencing fatigue.

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Is there any relation between Industrialization with Men’s Health? What we see around is rampant pollution all through, which, we consider as a direct consequence of advancement of rampant industrialization and unholy exploitation of natural resources which God has given to us abundantly. This is everyday affecting Men’s Health. Take the example of Plastics. It is a product from Petroleum and non bio degradable.

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Of course, it has many many benefits, but, consider, the pollution it is causing to the environment! Of course, it is recyclable. But studies have proved recycled plastics are even worse! Most harmful thing about plastics related to Men’s Health is that it reduces Male Sperm count which may inflict to a male person the curse of Impotence. However, studies are still on in this regard. Also modern day industrialization has caused life of mankind more and more complicated which has a significant biological and psychological effect on Men’s health.

In my opinion, rampant pollution, complex social structure and relationship and all other complexities are the outcomes of unchecked industrial growth which ultimately affect Men’s health as well as his sexual capability. Along with this, different bad habits, which any person can easily avoid, such as, smoking, alcoholic drinking etc. make Men’s health vulnerable to many disease and sexual dysfunctions. So my suggestion for a person will be to immediately get rid of these bad habits of smoking and drinking etc.

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Now let us concentrate our attention on sexual dysfunction of a male person which has become an enormous problem in the society. Most rampant among the problems of sexual dysfunction is the erectile dysfunction for male person leading him into impotence. Due to this problem a male person does not get enough and sustained erection causing him unable for sexual intercourse and thus unable to reproduce. Studies have proved that to enable strong and continued erection during sexual intercourse, a male person need more blood flow through his penis and in the erectile dysfunction condition; the penis does not get sufficient blood flow through it.

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Sildenafil Citrate, whose brand name is Viagra, brought to the market by Pfizer and approved by FDA, is the most suitable oral treatment of male erectile dysfunction condition. Viagra is a kind of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor medicine which, if taken one hour before sex, can increase blood flow through penis causing strong and continued erection. Male person with erectile dysfunction, now, has got a solution in Viagra against his problem. At this age of Internet on line Viagra information are abundant in the thousands of Web sites.

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We are providing here a few extracts from them. . Viagra pills are prescription drugs with some side effects which some times may become fatal. So its use should be closely monitored by a doctor. It is available in the market in 25mg, 50 mg and 100mg. The dose will be determined by the doctor prescribing it. It is to be taken once a day and one hour before sex and to be taken in empty stomach. It will only be used for erectile dysfunction if other conditions of body permit.

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Most common side effects are headache facial flushing, and upset stomach. Temporary visionary effects e.g. blurred vision and some times sensitiveness to light. Men’s health in this complicated world, particularly his sexual functions and activities are most important part of his esteem. Don’t ignore it if it is hampered by sexual dysfunction. Solutions are right there.