Get Bigger Arms with Clenbuterol

Old School Rule For Bigger Arms

With the claims you read in muscle magazines these days, you’d think everybody and their brother is walking around with 19 inch arms.
Unfortunately, most bodybuilders lie about their arm size. Which can make it tough for regular guys to figure out how big their arms can realistically get.

Luckily, the old-timers had a simple rule you can use to measure your progress.

Watch the video for some good tips

Here’s the rule: Measure your wrist circumference and then add 10 inches and that’s how big you can grow your arms with proper training.

So if you’ve got 7 inch wrists, you can strive for 17 inch arms.

Now remember, this isn’t a hard ceiling. It’s a general rule. There will be exceptions. It’s not uncommon to find a guy with 6 inch wrists who managed to build 17 inch arms. But if a guy with 6 inch wrists says he built 20 inch arms, take his claim with a grain of salt.

It’s also important to remember this rule applies to muscular arms. Typically, this means a body fat level of 10% or less. A guy with 10% body fat and 17 inch arms will look bigger and stronger than the guy with 19 inch arms at 20% body fat.

What is clenbuterol?

It is anabolism steroid like substance that will enable you breathe more while doing workouts [ref] If you are struggling to do to biceps curl with just 50 pounds try Clen. Personally, I can do 60 pounds dumbell curl! Clen gives all the energy and stamina like crazy.

There is no easier shortcut to bigger arms guys. Take lots of protein with Clen and just lift weight. That gives you result.